AKC/ASCA Champion

RisingStars I'm A Celebrity

DOB: 19th July 2004

Cataract testet clear
MDR1 n/M (carrier)
Eye examin normal

HD status: Good (B)
Elbows: Normal
PHA Negative

Paisley is a nice size male, with good and sound structure. He is not overdone in anyway, but he has it all! His front and back is very balanced, he has a nice topline and size of neck. His head is beautiful, masculine and very friendly. The whole picture of him is nice and balanced.

His personality is very typical aussie. He goes along with every friendly dog, and has that "welcro" thing going on with his mom - he is a pleaser. Like every other aussie he is lightfooted and moves up and down, as easy as forward.

Paisley represents good and sounds dogs in his pedigree. Dogs that has been famous in their time, and who has made a strong impression on our breed.

Paisley is owned and loved by Sarah and Linda Bowdish at RisingStar Kennel. I am very grateful that RisingStar Kennel made this breeding possible!